A change of plan - going to commission some art

Also, Cultish Manners, yadda yadda

  • Cultish Manners updated on March 3 but things have slowed down due to my recovery from seasonal flu and my focus on practicing watercolors. I will try to pick up the pace again this weekend.

What with the ongoing pandemic and the measures taken to slow its spread, artists are hurting. Concerts, comic conventions, classes are canceled. Record releases can’t get publicity because everyone’s attention is elsewhere (source: Anil Prasad). That’s income lost. At the bottom of this newsletter are some Tweets by artists who are losing money just due to one convention being canceled.

As it happens, I have just recently commissioned an artist to draw a comic for me for the first time ever. It will be available exclusively on my Patreon for paying subscribers, and on the artists’s Patreon if he wants to publish it there. And I am strongly considering commissioning more artists to draw comics, just to get through a backlog of unfinished, undrawn scripts that I will never in my life have time to draw myself.

I’ll be honest with you: if you can command a professional market rate, then I can’t afford you. But for illustrations and short comics projects I can go higher than most people offering commissions on sites like DeviantArt, and if the first project brings in more paying subscribers to my Patreon, I may be able to offer more in the future. Also, I will support artists in other ways, by joining their crowdfunders or dropping emergency money directly, and by purchasing digital works though sites like Bandcamp. But for a certain category of artists willing to work at a lower price bracket, I can do this on top of what I’m already doing. Now to think about exactly what form this is going to take…

(Footnote: I pay a lot more in monthly subscriptions to others on Patreon than I bring in already, so if you subscribe now, that’s where the money’s going.)

If you’re subscribed to this newsletter, you probably know my comics already, but for artists who are reading this and are interested in doing work for me, here’s a list:

Cultish Manners - My latest project. An artist is working on a short follow-up to the first story as well speak.
Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan - my second-longest project and the one with the most updates. Several undrawn stories on file, but all of those are too long for a commissioned project.
Spun Off - my most NSFW project. There are some related concepts floating around in my brain
Abúi's Travels - a fun project on the side that has gone on too long. No new stories planned.
Chronicles of the Witch Queen - a collaborative project. No new stories planned.
The Lives of X!Gloop - my longest-running project but not one with a lot of updates. I may have some ideas for this one.
White House In Orbit - a retro-futuristic satire comic originally created with the late Geir Strøm. I have a new story on file that I may want to develop.

Finally, here are some of the artists who could use your help:

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