Cultish Manners has updated

Cultish Manners has updated, for the first time since last November. For those of you who haven't heard of it, Cultish Manners is a project I started for NaNoManGo in 2018 and continued for NaNoManGo 2019. Set in the present and within the Gothic subculture, but also featuring a spooky shadow creature and a Celtic war goddess, it's an absolute blast for me to write and draw, so I'm not going to wait until the next NaNoManGo to finish it. There are already sequels planned.

As I write this, I'm at a camper van parking space near Lyon, France. My wife and I are heading to Spain, taking the slow, scenic route. Comic and newsletter updates may be scarce, but then again, they may not, because I have four weeks to do whatever I feel like doing - well, once travel is done with, that is. Our departure was delayed by five days as work on the van was being completed, and I took advantage of that to complete this 18th page and get the next one scanned and prepared for all the digital work that will be done on it, which is a lot.

If there's no new comic, there won't be a new newsletter either. We'll see what happens.

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